Give your car a new life with our basic wash and polishing service! We, at Mynt Condition, aim to provide quality services that please the clients and their cars.

With a great span of experience and professional crew, we are well-known for the best car polishing service in Columbus. At Mynt Condition, you avail of top-notch services, be it automated or the best handwash car detailing services.

We utilize high-quality products, soaps, wash, and the latest equipment to provide the best car polishing service in Columbus.

Our main focus is to satisfy our clients by providing amazing car washing and mobile detailing services. We have mobile detailing experts in Ohio who use premium products to thoroughly clean your vehicle and give it a new look that attracts the eyes.

Basic Cleaning

For the basic requirement and simple cleaning, we have a plan to ensure a high-quality basic wash and polishing service. This includes simple cleaning of parts like the body, console, and seats that leave a pretty look and makes your car ready for the long drive. We clean all the dirt, wipe the windows, and give your car a more decent look.

Basic Truck Wash

Utilize our basic truck wash services to keep your truck clean and give it a decent look. We at Mynt Condition provide basic wash for trucks in Columbus. We aim to satisfy the drivers by providing quality cleaning services to trucks of all sizes.

Ohio Best Car Wash Service

At Mynt Condition, we never compromise on quality. Your car is in the best hands. We take your vehicle as our own car. Our premium service and dedication make us well-known for being Ohio’s best car wash service. Our interior washing services include all the interior cleaning and seat vacuuming. Our exterior cleaning services provide exterior cleaning, including doors, bumper, tires, and car polishing services. Our services give you the best with the best.

Affordable Service

Why choose us? We provide affordable car wash services in Ohio. Whether it’s about price or quality service, you don’t need to worry! With Mynt Condition, you get the best car wash services at an affordable price. We have car detailing experts who aim to ensure quality services that satisfy our clients and give a stimulating look to your valuable car.

You have come to the right place if you want to get the best handwash car detailing services. Mynt Condition is the right and most reliable choice of the clients. We provide basic wash and polishing services to please you and give your car a decent look. We work with the mobile detailing experts in Ohio who give their best to ensure high-quality interior and exterior cleaning. We care about your car, time, and money. We understand your concern about your favorite car. We never compromise on our quality. With Mynt Condition, you don’t need to worry about quality services. We provide the best car polishing service in Columbus at an affordable price. Get the best with us.

Basic wash for cars/small SUVs: $55

Basic wash for trucks: $75