Mobile Auto Detailing services entail a thorough cleaning of your vehicle’s cracks and crevices. We give attention to all the surfaces of your car. Our team of detailing specialists cover all eligible surfaces and leave no area unattended.

Mynt Condition is dedicated to offering high-quality mobile detailing solutions to clients throughout the process. Our services are performed by highly trained detailers who ensure your satisfaction, so you don’t have to worry about your vehicle. We utilize the best mobile detailing products for all our services, from upholstery shampoos to wax, cleaning soaps, to chemicals. We want you to be comfortable with the products used on your car.

Mobile car detailing is a thorough cleaning technique for both the interiors and exteriors of your vehicle that removes rough stains and restores your car’s appearance to new conditions. By contacting mynt condition, you will have the best mobile detailing services in your location; you can keep your car’s visual and functional aspects in good shape.

Vehicle interior vacuuming, car polishing service, car seat dry cleaning, upholstery washing, clean steam mobile detailing, windscreen cleaning, wax application, and tire and bumper dressings are part of our mobile auto detailing portfolio depending upon the package chosen. So, instead of looking for auto washing and detailing near me, contact Mynt Condition; our team will provide your vehicle with the finest cleaning results possible.


We offer car wash and polishing services to our clients and ensure that they get the best possible outcome. We have both automated and handwash car detailing services that give our clients a traditional car wash vibe. We utilize the finest soaps, wax, and latest industrial equipment that helps us thoroughly clean your vehicle.

Our basic wash and polishing service include interior cleaning, vacuuming seats, dash, cup holders, and more. Our exterior car washing services include the dash and door jambs, car polishing service, foam hand wash, windows and tires shining, bumper cleaning, and a whole lot more. Our team ensures that they adhere to your requirements and offer the best car washing services to you. If you are searching for a car wash and mobile detailing setup, get in touch with us!

Basic wash for cars/small suvs: $55

Basic wash for trucks: $75


Our interior mobile detailing services includes clean steam mobile detailing,  deep cleaning of the door and trunk jambs, vacuuming interior carpets and seats, interior cleaning, and so forth. Our items are all obtained from local businesses, and we are committed to providing the best internal mobile detailing services in Columbus. Our team has received extensive training and has a thorough grasp of doing a perfect mobile detailing setup. Our crew is dedicated to making your car appear new. From washing and drying the paint to cleaning the interior, we cover it all. Our interior mobile detailing services include:

  • Seats/Carpet (vacuum, steam clean/shampoo)
  • Cup holders/Dash detailed & polished
  • Interior windows -Trunk interior
  • Odor Removal (upon request prices may vary)
  • Air Fresheners

At Mynt Condition, our interior mobile detailing prices vary from vehicle to vehicle. For car interior detailing.

interior details for cars/small suvs: $125

Interior details for trucks: $175


Your automobile or truck has the right to appear as good as it did in the showroom. We provide the exterior mobile detailing solutions you need to reverse thousands of miles of wear and tear on your vehicle’s wheels, chrome, trim, tires, and other external components.

Mynt Condition’s exterior mobile detailing services provide your vehicle a thorough, hands-on cleaning from bumper to bumper, top to bottom. Our highly-trained automotive professionals have expertise in mobile car detailing and remove any dirt, residue, and scratches left behind by the road, restoring the shine of your car or truck. Our exterior services include,

  • Foam hand washing
  • Exterior windows
  • Tire detail and shine
  • Wax/Clay & more

Exterior detailing for cars/small suvs: $125

Exterior detailing for trucks: $175


Includes both interior and exterior detailing. What’s included?
Interior: Vaccum & Steam clean seats/carpet, cup holders/dash detailed & polished, windows, air freshener.
Exterior: foam hand wash, wax/clay, windows, tires detailed & shined, Interior: vaccum seats/carpet, dash/cup holders,
Mynt Detail for cars/small suvs: $200
Mynt Detail for trucks: $250


-Odor Removal (pricing may vary)
-Bio Hazard/Vomit Removal (pricing may vary)
-Mynt Condition Air freshener $5
-Pet hair removal $25 (pricing may vary)
-Engine bay detail $75
-Headlight Restoration $50
-Undercarriage wash $25